Ali and Warren Mann

Ali and Warren Mann are lifelong musicians who have shared a love for music from as early as they can remember. Ali began singing at an early age and studied with renowned vocal coach, Judy Davis before going on to perform musical theatre from age eight through college. Warren grew up in a house where music was all around him- living with many ‘housemates’, and family members, many who happened to be musicians. He credits a lot his love and interest for music to that early exposure- being able to crawl over, touch, hear, and feel many styles and types of music and musical instruments. 

Throughout their college years both Ali and Warren developed as musicians playing and performing with bands, writing, discovering and studying. Warren received a degree in cultural Anthropology which continues to influence and guide his fascination with music and how people interact with it in their daily lives. After receiving her degree and subsequent teaching credential, Ali worked teaching private voice, guitar and piano at the Sonoma Academy of Dance and Art in Sonoma and out of her home in Sebastopol.

Ali and Warren attribute this love for learning and music to what brought them together early on. After founding Mini Music in 2009, the two developed the program, wrote and recorded music for kids and people of all ages to teach, use and share among their families and children. Since then they have taught thousands of families and continue to do so everyday. 

In July of 2016 Ali and Warren opened Home Sweet Music as a place where they could continue to share their love for music with the community, offering a place for people of all ages to come, learn, touch, feel, explore and be inspired by all of the joys and benefits that music and provide.