New Song Percussion Ensemble

 7-11 year olds

-WEDNESDAYS 4:15-5:00

Class Description - Children ages 7 – 10 years old are invited to explore music and percussion throughout a ten-week session. Rudiments and creative expression, along with cooperative games, cultural learning, and team work will be components of the percussion ensemble curriculum. Children will learn rhythms while playing together on stick, mallet, and hand percussions. With encouragement to learn all parts of the ensemble, listening to and reading music notation will be part of the class instruction provided as the children learn how to hear one another and play together. Along with  art, games, cultural discussions, and recording, each student will have opportunity to develop individual skills along withparticipating in the teamwork to create the ensemble – a band of drummers. What could be more fun? Private lessons are also available.

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