Ali and Warren Mann

Ali and Warren Mann are lifelong musicians who have shared a love for music from as early as they can remember. Ali began singing at an early age and studied with renowned vocal coach, Judy Davis before going on to perform musical theatre from age eight through college. Warren grew up in a house where music was all around him- living with many ‘housemates’, and family members, many who happened to be musicians. He credits a lot his love and interest for music to that early exposure- being able to crawl over, touch, hear, and feel many styles and types of music and musical instruments. 

Throughout their college years both Ali and Warren developed as musicians playing and performing with bands, writing, discovering and studying. Warren received a degree in cultural Anthropology which continues to influence and guide his fascination with music and how people interact with it in their daily lives. After receiving her degree and subsequent teaching credential, Ali worked teaching private voice, guitar and piano at the Sonoma Academy of Dance and Art in Sonoma and out of her home in Sebastopol.

Ali and Warren attribute this love for learning and music to what brought them together early on. After founding Mini Music in 2009, the two developed the program, wrote and recorded music for kids and people of all ages to teach, use and share among their families and children. Since then they have taught thousands of families and continue to do so everyday. 

In July of 2016 Ali and Warren opened Home Sweet Music as a place where they could continue to share their love for music with the community, offering a place for people of all ages to come, learn, touch, feel, explore and be inspired by all of the joys and benefits that music and provide. 



Molly Klaproth

Molly Klaproth has been a performing artist and teacher for twenty years. Her first job at sixteen was as a teaching assistant at the dance studio where she trained. She continued her love of teaching dance throughout college. While earning her BFA in dance and studying music theory, Molly spent her summers teaching at renowned performing arts camps. Her professional dance career started in Chicago and took her to SF, San Diego, and touring internationally. Her natural ability to absorb a vast array of dance styles allowed Molly to study various techniques through her training and travels. Teaching the next generation the importance of the international language of dance and music and how they communicate culture is a passion of Molly's that she looks forward to sharing with the community!


Erik Weidenhamer

Erik was born and raised in Ohio, with percussion being introduced in his early years. With his father being a timpanist in local symphonies and teaching private drum lessons in their home, it was natural for Erik to take the same interest. Through elementary and high school years, Erik was in marching band and took drum lessons. Starting out as a drummer in various bands as a young adult, he moved to California in 1990 to continue performing and recording. He soon also took his first job with children, at a local Montessori elementary school, and has since worked with all ages from preschool to high school, including children with special needs, private drum lessons, as well as co-founding a summer Music Camp that has now been operating for over twenty years. Currently Erik enjoys working as a preschool teacher at a Montessori school, directing his Music Camp each summer, and recording and performing with a world-beat style band called Hand Me Down. He was married in 2010 and is now raising three young daughters. Familiar with American genres as well as Latin, Caribbean, and African, Erik enjoys many styles of music both classic and modern. He is skilled in drum set, hand and mallet percussion and enjoys sharing music with children. Being playful and young at heart, he has a fun and patient approach to teaching.